Gala Store

1. What is Indiegala Store?

Indiegala store ( or simply GalaStore ) is an online store that sells mostly video games for the PC platform. In the near future also music albums and games for mobile platforms will be available. Most of the games are available in form of redeemable keys for the Steam(TM) client but in the near future also products with a standalone installer will be available as well as products that can be activated on other stores.


2. So what are GalaPoints then?

GalaPoints are special bonus points that you can earn buying indiegala bundles. The more money you spend on indiegala, the more bundles you buy, gifts you made, the more galapoints you get. GalaPoints can then be spent on the Galastore.
The points can then be spent on the store, paying part of the price of each game with them. The amount of the price of each game that can be paid via galapoints varies from game to game.


3. How can I buy on the store?

All you have to do is browse the products on our store by category, sort them by your preferences and click on the game to view it's description before clicking the "Add to cart" button or directly click the "Add to cart" button of the game you want, in the category view page.
Once you added the desired products to your cart, if you have GalaPoints you will be able to use it in order to obtain a discount from our store.
Then you can checkout by clicking the "Proceed to checkout" button and you will be redirect to the checkout page.
You will receive an email with your order details and yourserial number. Your serial numbers will also be available on your account page on My Account > My Serial Numbers


4. Do I need to pay VAT?

If your IP address is mapped to the UK or a European Union (EU) country, then you will be required to pay VAT. VAT charges are not included for those who live outside the EU.


5. So, tell me more about those GalaPoints! What are they worth?

GalaPoints can be considered a fidelity bonus that you receive each time you buy an IndieGala bundle from Indiegala website. The GalaPoints can be converted to real money when you buy products from the GalaStore in order to get a discount on that product. The conversion of the GalaPoints into dollars works like this: 1000 GalaPoints = 1 american dollar.
Keep in mind though that each product has a limited number of GalaPoints that you can use to get a discount.
The number of the GalaPoints that you can use to get a discount for that product can be found in the product page, in the "Additional Information" section.
IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to be able to use your GalaPoints in our store, you have to connect your GalaStore account to the IndieGala profile that is created the first time you buy an IndieGala bundle.


6. Where can I see the number of GalaPoints in my possession?

The number of GalaPoints you have can be seen in your IndieGala profile page or in the My Account/Account Information section in your GalaStore account, as well as in your shopping cart section when you buy our products.


7. I see in the product page, next to the regular price, the text "GalaPrice up to:". What does it mean?

The "GalaPrice" is the minimum price that you can pay the game using your GalaPoints. For example: if a product has a GalaPrice of 7.99$ and the regular price is $9.99, you will be able to get up to $2.00 of discuont if you spend 2000 GalaPoints.


8. Can I use my GalaPoints to get a discount for as many products as i want?

if the product(s) you added in your shopping cart have a GalaPoints discount, and you have enough GalaPoints, you can use the number of GalaPoints that you have in order to apply the maximum discount allowed for each and every product on your shopping cart.


9. How do I connect my IndieGala profile to my GalaStore account?

When you purchase an IndieGala bundle you will receive via email the IndieGala profile link that enables you to access your IndieGala profile.
When registering to GalaStore, all you have to do to connect the GalaStore account to the IndieGala profile is to write or copy and paste in the appropriate textboxes at the registration time (or even after in the My Account/Account Information section on GalaStore) the email adress you used to purchase the IndieGala bundle(s) and the profile link of your IndieGala profile from your browser's adress bar when you are on the IndieGala profile page or from the email you received from IndieGala when you first bought a bundle.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep in mind that although it is not required to use the same email adress that you used to purchase the IndieGala bundle(s), when registering on GalaStore , you can connect IndieGala profile to the GalaStore account only once.
Once your GalaStore account is connected to the IndieGala profile, you will not be able to change it anymore.
If you have issues just contact the customer service of the GalaStore


10. I can't find my IndieGala profile, what can i do?

If you don't find the link in your emails just go on and hit the resend key button inserting the exact email you used for purchase indiegala bundle(s).
You will receive an email containing your indiegala profile link.


11. What is IndieGala?

IndieGala is our main website that organizes amazing bundle sales of video games and music and where you can decide yourself where your money will go, by choosing exactly how much goes to charity, to the developers that created the games in the bundle or to the IndieGala team that organizes this bundles.
As mentioned before, every time you buy an IndieGala bundle you will receive a number of GalaPoints. The amount may vary and depends by how many dollars did you spent, how many gifts you did, when you bought the bundle and and how many bundles you bought.
You can convert Galapoints into dollars and use it to pay part of the price of the games on GalaStore.


12. I didn't receive an email with my steam key or any other key or link or additional information. What do I do?

If you don't receive the email within the next 30 minutes from your purchase, or for any other problems you encounter on our website, please send an email to customer service, explaining clearly your problem and we will reply within the next 24 hour from the moment you sent us your email. Keep in mind that Your serial numbers will also be available on your account page on My Account > My Serial Numbers


13. What kind of games can I expect to see on indiegala store?

We try to cater to the tastes of you players and offer more quality games at the best price, new games are planned each week and we hope to have a catalog of over 1000 games by the end of this year! Our offer include Steam(TM) redeemable titles but is not limited to it, and we will also have a section devoted to Android gaming quite soon.


14. Regular price, special price gala price... what does it mean??

Regular price is simply the standard price for every customer of the store. Anytime

Special price is when a discount is applied on the regular price. It may happen for a product in some days of the year.

Gala price is the price you can pay on that product if you have enough galapoints to spend. If you have no galapoints you will pay regular price ( or special if a discount is active )