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The Alien Zombies Bundle

NOTE: This is a playlist containing videos of all the games in the bundle.

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The Alien Zombies Bundle sale is over. Below you can find the winners of the special promotion for this bundle. Congratulations to all the winners!

Special Promotion

Pay your way to the top 5 donors for this bundle and win the COMPLETE INDIEGALA SUMMERTIDE Bundle. The No. 1 donor for this bundle will receive 3 COMPLETE INDIEGALA SUMMERTIDE BUNDLES while the other 4 top donors will receive 1 COMPLETE INDIEGALA SUMMERTIDE BUNDLE each.

Top 5 The Alien Zombies Bundle buyers:

  1.   1. Lukasz, Witkowski - $15.84
  1.   2. Carlos, B. - $10.89
  1.   3. D, S - $10.00
  1.   4. David, Golacis - $9.92
  1.   5. José Carlos, Ramírez Cauqui - $9.91

Quick Overview

PAY WHAT YOU WANT minimum $0.99 AND GET these 4 awesome games:

- Alien Shooter 2: Conscription on Steam

- Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded on Steam

. Zombie Shooter on Steam

- Zombie Shooter 2 on Steam

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Bundle Price: $0.99

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